The department of information technology was first establisheded over 15 years ago and offered a master program in international program only. The department gradually added Thai programs into its curricula and is now taking both Thai and international students.

The Department of Information Technology puts an emphasis on producing graduates who are knowledgeable in applying information technology for efficient information management. Examples of courses are data mining, knowledge-based systems, semantic technology, information retrieval, fuzzy systems, artificial neural network, and etc. In addition, students will learn how to design information systems that are easy to use and meet user needs. Students will not only learn theoretical knowledge but will also get hands-on practice in an information technology laboratory.

The Department of Information Technology also offers Applied Software Engineering, which is the newest field in our department.  Its goal is to produce graduates who have knowledge and expertise in software engineering. Cooperation with the industry and business sectors, both governmental and private, is also emphasized. Teaching focuses on open source software development and e-business software in both industry and business sectors as well as encourages seminars and workshops, and an examination on professional certificate in software engineering.


The Department of Information Technology offers the following programs:

1. Master of Science (M.Sc.) Program in Information Technology.
     1.1 Information Technology Branch (Thai and International Programs)   
     1.2 Applied Software Engineering Branch (Thai Program)   
     1.3 Data Communication and Networking Branch (Thai Program)

We take both Plan A (Thesis) and Plan B (Master Project) for all the branches.
2. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Information Technology (Thai and International Programs)

Research Areas and Expertise
Examples of research topics are: critical system engineering such as safety and security, cloud technology and mobile software engineering, artificial neural network, fuzzy systems, decision support systems, recommender systems, data mining, knowledge management, information retrieval, natural language processing, ontology, web service, user-centered design, and human-computer interaction.









Employment Prospects
Potential career opportunities for Information Technology graduates include information system developer, information system analyst, IT project manager, IT auditor, lecturer, software development project manager, software engineering department manager, software engineering developer, software entrepreneur, lecturer, and other jobs related to software development.

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