The faculty of applied science originated from the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Science that were both established in 1979 under the Faculty of Technical Education and Science. The first Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry had been offered by the Department of Science. Later, the Department of Mathematics had launched two more Bachelor’s degrees in Applied Statistics and Applied Computer Science. The Departments also provided fundamental subjects in mathematics and science to students of the other KMITNB’ faculties. The increasing responsibilities of both departments had led to the foundation of a new faculty, Faculty of Applied Science, which was approved on the 14th May 1988.




Development of human resource, science and technology.


Becoming the faculty of advanced science and technology development to support the KMUTNB visions.


The objectives of the faculty conform to the obligation of producing qualified science and technology graduates in bachelor's, master’s and doctor’s degrees which have high expertise and morality which respond to industrial demand for country development.

Furthermore, the faculty aims to provide appropriately academic services in many ways such as providing mathematics and science courses both for faculty and other faculty students. Conducting research to develop knowledge base for industrial applications is another important task. Moreover, the faculty intends to promote and support all activities concerning to maintain art and culture of Thailand.

The graduates are qualified in both practical and theoretical aspects of their respective fields. Other than the study skills, the students are trained to acquire good inter-personnel relationships, with a keen attitude for taking responsibility. They are also aware of matters pertaining to technology-environment trade-offs.

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