The Department of Languages, which is part of the Faculty of Applied Arts, offers fundamental courses in languages to undergraduates and postgraduates from all faculties. It also offers masters’ programs aiming to increase the production of postgraduates, following the mission of the faculty and the university.

At present, the Department of Languages’ policies aim to promote research, administrative management of teaching and learning, instructor development, public academic services, and national arts and culture.


The Department of Languages offers two graduate programs as follows:
     1. Master of Arts – English for Business and Industrial Communication (MA-BIC)
     2. Master of Arts – Translation for Education and Business (MA-TEB)

Department Facilities

     1. Sound Laboratory
     2. Self-Access Learning Center (SALC)






Contact Us

Location: Suanpalm Building 46, 3rd Floor
Contact number: Tel: +66-2555-2000 Ext. 3536