The Department of Agro-Industrial, Food, and Environmental Technology was founded in 1987. The B.Sc. (Agro-Industrial Technology) program was originally commenced by the department in 1988, providing the manpower for the demand generated
by the rapid economic growth in Thailand. In 2004, the department initiated 3 divisions to run the specific courses in definite areas, including the Division of Agro-Industrial Technology, the Division of Food Science and Technology, and the Division of Environmental Technology.

      The department aims to produce qualified graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles of Agro-Industrial technology and their applications to a wide range of industrial processes and operations in order to serve the need of the growing agricultural industries in Thailand.


      The curricula were designed to provide a balance between fundamental and application studies. The students are able to gain experience in research approaches and problem solving by working on research projects under staff supervision. Each B.Sc. student is also required to undergo practical training in the various related industries for at least 16 weeks. The Department of Agro-Industrial, Food, and Environmental Technology (KMUTNB) offers the following programs:
    Bachelor of Science Program in
        1. Agro-Industrial Technology
        2. Food Science and Technology
        3. Environmental Technology
    Master of Science Program in
        1. Bioindustrial Technology (MBIT)
        2. Environmental Technology (MENV)
    Doctor of Philosophy Program in
        Bioindustrial Technology (DBIT)






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