Press Release

6 March 2017

6 Mind Blowing Achievements for Teaching Academy Award # 6

Students from the Faculty of Technical Education, KMUTNB became the winners  and runners up of the Teaching Academy Award # 6 2017. The Award winning categories involve teaching  and  educational media using software.


The 2017 competition took place during February 19-21, 2017 at Rajamangala University of technology Srivijaya, Songkla. The primary purpose of the event was to present  a stage of  teaching along with using instructional media, in particular the application of  educational software and hardware for effective teaching.   This event also  targeted at cultivating practical skills and abilities for vocational technical teachers as well as supervising faculty.  Participating in the competition were members of 9 higher education institutions. The following is a list of awards received by our students from the Faculty of Technical Education:


1. First prize for instructional software presentation question and answer series.

2. First prize for instruction on hard-disk lessons

3. First prize for teaching of architectural, design and agricultural lessons

4. First prize for teaching of electrical, electronics and telecommunications 

5. First runner- up for teaching in industrial, manufacturing and welding issues

6. Second runner- up prize for teaching in mechanical and mechatronic topics


The contest is considered to create academic social networks, challenges and learning opportunities among students and faculty form the institutions producing professional and competent technical teachers. In the following year, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna is honored to host the 2018 competition.


Congratulations to all  for your continuous commitment and hard work. Thank you for upholding the  reputation  of our University.



6 Mind Blowing Achievements for Teaching Academy Award # 6