Press Release

6 March 2017

Annual Phapa Ceremony Held at Wat Matchan Tikaram (Wat Noi)

King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok is going to organize the annual merit-making ceremony, the 2017 robe offering and fund raising for monks (Thod Phapa Ceremony)  at Wat Matchan Tikaram (Wat Noi), Wongsawang Road, Bangsue, Bangkok. ceremony

The ceremony is being held on Saturday 20 May 2017, 9:00a.m. The primary purpose of this annuan event is to  paying respect and expressing the campus community's deepest gratitude for  the graciousness and  magnanimity of His Majesty King Rama IV. The religious ceremony is anticipated to promote a close relationship between  monastic and university communities, to strengthen community bonds and harmony, as well as to maintain the well-being of Buddhism. Financial contributions will be used for the forest monastery project.


All those interested are cordially invited to make merit by co-hosting and attending the Phapa event. Donations can be made in person to the Cahiers' Office, the Finance Department,  Office of the President Tel. 02-555-2000 ext. 1601-1604, 02-584-4343-4 Public Relations Group ext.  1121, 1166, 2091.


The schedule for merit ceremony:

08.15   Setting up a procession at KMUTNB   

08.30   Main procession moving towards its destination

09:30     Preparation for  the ceremony at the sermon hall 

10:00   Monks chanting holy stanzas                   

Robe offering ceremony 

                Meal offering to monks 

              Monks chanting Pali blessings

12:00 Ceremony completed

Lay people having lunch together

Annual Phapa Ceremony Held at Wat Matchan Tikaram (Wat Noi)