Press Release

8 March 2017

Vision of KUTNB

According to KMUTNB President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Suchart Siengchin, the vision of the university can be claimed as follows: 

"First of all, we strive to be a preeminent institution of higher learning with successful academic performance through high-quality instruction and research-validated practices. The emphasis will be  placed upon academic disciplines of science, technology and related disciplines. We will render KMUTNB a great academic leader that brings research-based knowledge for Thailand's Industrial Development, so the quality and efficiency could be acknowledged at both national and international levels.


We will definitely apply  the measure of Good Governance based on honesty, transparency and accountability. We are determined to develop personal growth and development of students and staff to match the institutional identity. 

The University budget should not rely only on student fees and government appropriations. Annual budget, educational and research funding could be provided from university-industry collaboration, in particular with foreign and local private sectors.  To reach academic excellence and secure our ability to thrive and remain accepted in a fast-paced, dynamic of international academic environment, we are currently planning to expand relationships with organizations, agencies and associations overseas."


Vision of KUTNB