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Faculty of Agro-industry is located at Prachinburi Campus which offers two departments; Agro-industry Technology and Management (ATM) and Agro-industry Product Development (APD). The faculty educates such as Food Science and Technology, Management and Administration of Agricultural Business, Food Processing, Food Analysis, Food Quality Assurance and Product Development.

Our faculty emphasizes to develop the food innovation in order to provide new food choices for consumers, decrease cost of production, prolong the shelf-life and value added of agricultural products. Additionally, our staffs and students work on useful researches especially the research on value added of by product from agricultural processing. These researches could develop a local communities, economics and environment such as the research on "The utilization of Bamboo Shoot" and "The productions of Babbler's Bill Leaf Jelly and Crispy mushroom sheet" etc.
  1. Department of Agro-industry Technology and Management
  2. Department of Agro-industry product Development